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American Saving Bank

American Saving Bank first started its operation more than 85 years ago. It started to operate with the commitment to many local involvements and contributing to the growth of the community it serves. Since then, American Saving Bank has become one of Hawaii’s leading financial institutions. A large network of the American Saving Bank’s branches and ATMs in addition to phone and online banking options – make it simpler and easier to address the needs of the customers and the surrounding communities as well.

American Saving Bank is very much proud to provide the Hawaiian residents with a range of services that includes personal and commercial banking, insurance and investments, and many more. It also covers from the most basic checking account to the mist complex investment option.

American Saving Bank And The Community

Well, it is no accident that the symbol of the American Saving Bank is the kalo or the taro plant. The management of the bank has chosen this plant to be their symbol to remind themselves of their dedication to the healthy growth of the communities they are serving, and to the entire beauty of the place they call “our home.” As a matter of fact, American Saving Bank is not only focused in the service of every customer they meet but to their employees as well. They want to prove to all of the people who might want to know them that they work together as family, the employees being the parents and the customers being the children. And it is also heart warming on the part of the American Saving Bank that it was chosen by many people as one of the best places to work in Hawaii.

Goals Of The American Saving Bank

American Saving Bank strives to provide the following points listed out below:

  • Delivers value that enriches the lives of their customers and enables them to grow with their customers as well
  • Create a culture that develops and attracts great
  • Produce results that will continually reward the bank’s shareholders
  • Active participation in community involvements

About The American Saving Bank Existence

American Saving Bank will not come to reality without the presence of its parent company. ASB is actually a subsidiary of American Savings Holdings Incorporated, which is also the subsidiary of Hawaiian electric Industries Incorporated or HEI. Hawaiian Electric Industries is a Hawaii-based holding company with two core operating companies namely: American Saving Bank and Hawaiian Electric Company; it is a utility that supplies most of Hawaii’s electric consumers.

As of the corporate governance, HEI is committed to the highest standards of business ethics. Aside from exuding the highest standards of corporate governance it has also been acknowledged and recognized for many years as an effective leader for these areas. American Saving Bank is definitely the bank of every Hawaiian people.

American Saving Bank Conclusion

With over 85 years experience and currently being the 3rd largest finance organisation in Hawaii the American Saving Bank is dedicated to its people and communities. If you wish to find out more about the bank then please visit the official American Saving Bank homepage for a full list of financial services provided by the bank.