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Bank of America

The Bank of America is located in Charlotte, North Carolina USA and is known as a banking giant. As a giant bank, Bank of America is only placed second to JP Morgan Chase when it comes to holdings.

The Bank of America has the ability to attract many customers because of its great numbers of locations and its offerings of their products and services. Some people prefer to use big banks because they feel more secure with them. People also like the handsome rates that Bank of America offers and others are lured with the banks deals and special gift promos. Bank of America already has over 53 million customers including businesses and individual customers.

Bryan Moynihan is the current CEO of the Bank of America, which is categorized as a full service bank.

Bank Of America Products

Bank of America offers:

Bank of America checking accounts, Bank of America school loans, Bank of America home loans, Bank of America certificate of deposits, Bank of America credit cards, Bank of America car loans, Bank of America savings account and Bank of America brokerage services.

The Bank of America’s customer service options includes the wide branches. Most medium to large cities of the United States of America are equipped with a BoA branch. Bank of America also has a web presence under the bankofamerica.com domain, for bank account access and payments of bills. The Bank of America website also offers myriad phone numbers of Bank of America’s customer service representatives.

BoA Customers

Most of the customers of the Bank of America customers who have good credit find it easier to get competitive rates. Moreover, many customers have taken advantage of temporary low rates.

On the other hand however, there are certain things that make this bank something frustrating. Most of the reports say that customers often encounter negative things about the customer service representatives of the Bank of America. Others would include phone calls that resulted to long holds, a lot of call transfers, unresolved question and customer service representatives who seemingly want to pass the customer off.

Bank of America’s official website is fast, easy to use, and easy to access.

Bank of America provides many cash incentives to attract more customers. For example, you can avail of a $50 gift the moment you open an account in the Bank of America but you can only get the gift after 50 days.