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GE Money

This page discusses GE Money. GE Money is a large financial organization but what services does it offer to the consumer finance market?

About GE Money

GE Money is a brand of GE Consumer Finance which is a part of the General electric Company. The GE Money brand is used as a name for seven banking divisions and subsidiaries. These seven divisions and subsidiaries are located in Austria, Hong Kong, Norway, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. GE Consumer Finance is now rebranding its banks with the name GE Money Bank worldwide.

In terms of the finance and business operations of GE Money, Walmart and GE Money have multi-year credit card programs. These are especially for Walmart stores in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and in for use at walmart.com.

In addition to GE Money’s international business ventures, they have also signed an agreement with Rooms to Go in Puerto Rico. This agreement puts GE Money into the consumer finance market of Puerto Rico. This is provided through the Rooms to Go home furnishing retailers 6 locations in the islands of Puerto Rico.

GE Money Financing Solutions

GE Money Financing Solutions include Consumer Financing, Global Banking and Worldwide GE Capital Locations. Some of the selected Financing Solutions of GE Money includes the following:

  • Commercial Lending and Leasing
  • Energy Financial Services
  • GE Capital Aviation Services
  • Healthcare Financial Services
  • Media Communications and Entertainment
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Worldwide GE Capital locations

Many organizations have benefited from the financial help of GE Money. These businesses were affected by the recession but instead of failing, they have defied the declining effect of the recession effect with the help of GE Money. One of those successful GE Money beneficiaries was the Capps Van and Truck Rental which is located in Dallas, Texas.

Through GE Money and Invenergy, the Grand Ridge Wind Farm in Illinois is now in operation. The operation has 66 wind turbines that make a significant contribution to carbon footprint reduction.

GE Money is not only focused on helping big businesses but extends its help to bringing other businesses back to life. This can be attested by Albert Boscov after their company under the leadership of his father fell in bankruptcy. They searched and seeked for the help of the GE Money. Through the help of GE Money, Boscov’s 39 department stores still operate and maintain 9,000 employees.