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Greenfield Savings Bank

The Greenfield Savings Bank is one of the most important financial organizations to many people in Franklin County. We look at the reasons forthe popularity of the Greenfield Savings Bank in this region and touch upon some of the services offered by Greenfield in the process.

An Introduction To Greenfield Savings Bank

Greenfield Savings Bank (GSB) has served as the cornerstone of the Franklin County and its community since 1869. Greenfield Savings Bank has kept the same name, the same head office location and the same mission since the time it was first established up to the present times.

For the past 140 years, the Greenfield Savings Bank has seen a profound transformation and advancement in the banking industry. But there are things that have remained the same for Greenfield Savings Bank: Greenfiled’s long standing commitment in providing excellent customer service, offering solid financial productsand diligentl efforts to further enhance the communities that the bank serves.

Greenfield Savings Bank states it believes in the saying: “Customers first.” Whether the bank is adding convenient services, expanding product lines, or opening new offices, the Greenfiled’s commitments to its customers are at the heart of every endeavor.

Greenfield Savings Bank has a policy of getting to know its customers (you will likely be on first name terms) and should not have to wade through a maze of robotic prompts to get the detail and information you require. The Greenfield Savings Bank claims that it strives be there to provide you the answers you need in times such as opening a new account, setting up an IRA or even online banking assistance.

Greenfield Savings Bank Expansion

As Greenfield Savings Bank is expanding, it continues to work diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of local residents. To make room for the ever-growing number of the bank, the Greenfield Savings Bank has added more branches in Franklin County, which has outran the number of any other financial institution within the area.

With the needs of the local economy and its customers, Greenfield Savings Bank has progressed in time. Greenfield Savings Bank has become the first and only issuer of protection for Savings Bank Life Insurance in Franklin and Hampshire counties on the heels of The Great Depression. The Trust Department was opened in 1992 which has become the only locally-run community bank and wealth management group in the region.

Greenfield Savings Bank’s Amherst office focused on personalized financial services and relationship banking. This has brought GSB to Hampshire County. The opportunities for many customers broadened even more when the Infinex Financial Group became GSB’s partner.

As a matter of fact, the Greenfield Savings Bank is a philanthropic leader in Franklin County. The Greenfiled’s commitment to the entire region can be seen in bountiful and abundant financial giving, active volunteerism and supportive outreach.

The Greenfield Savings Bank has a proud heritage serving the Franklin County region. Greenfield Savings Bank believes that building a strong community will ensure a successful future for everyone. Presently, Greenfield Savings Bank does businesses with half of Franklin County households and holds close to forty per cent of the county’s savings deposits.

Greenfield Savings Bank has over $600 million in assets and is the number one lender all over Franklin County.