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Maritime Savings Bank

With this article we focus upon the Maritime Savings Bank. Our intention is provide a little of the background of the Maritime Savings Bank along with a summary of its ambitions and services.

History Of The Maritime Savings Bank

The beginnings of the Maritime Savings Bank were modest and humble. It was 1912 when a group of people formed the Kinnickinnic Mutual Loan and Building Assoc., in the neighborhood of Milwaukee’s Bay View.

The bank subsequently rebranded itslef and changed its name to Kinnickinnic Federal Savings and Loan and later it became K.K. Federal bank, FSB. In 1993, the management changed the name once again to Maritime Savings Bank, which remains today.

Maritime Savings Bank Assets

Currently, Maritime Savings Bank hasa total asset base of $400 million. It has ocations in two metropolitan areas. Maritime Savings Bank still stands committed to give competitive rates, innovative services and products and a personal touch to offer a friendly banking service and loan productss. For over ninety five years of service, Maritime Savings Bank is proud to be your hometown’s financial resource.

Maritime Savings’ Services

Maritime Savings Bank is committed to providing a qualitybanking service. Its goal is to become the best community bank it can be. In addition, Maritime Savings Bank is committed to providing high quality financial products and services.

In order to continue providing such quality, Maritime Savings Bank is expaninding services, primarily through mobility and technology. Maritime Savings Bank states that it wants to continue modifying and improving its services to adapt to the needs of the communities it works for.

Maritime Savings offers a wide range of products to fit the needs of its customers and has a number of affiliations with organizations within the banking industry and within the communities they serve.

With the services and products it provides, Maritime Savings Bank strives to be the best community bank.