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Standard Bank Home Loans

Standard Bank home loans offer 100% home loans and is not only for first time buyers. This means that the Standard Bank home loans open a way for any prospective home owners to get 100% financing. Consequently, an approved home loan from Standard Bank means that you will not need a deposit. Additionally, in many cases even the attorney’s fees can also be included in a successful application for a Standard Bank home loan.

Other Standard Bank Home Loans Options

Firstly, Standard Bank offers 30 years home loans. Many might say that this is quite obvious but many banks and other financial institutions today do not offer 30-year plans. Having the opportunity to get a 30-year plan may help you to qualify a little more but might also help you lessen your monthly home loan repayment slightly.

Secondly, Standard Bank offers access bonds. An access bond is when you have any access to additional money that you have paid into your bond if it is available.

A possible benefit around this is that you may be able to withdraw cash amounts at anytime and if you are a Standard Bank account holder, you can use the internet to transfer the money from your bond account to your savings account or to your normal checking account.

Appliying For Standard Bank Home Loans

Many people would consider going to a Standard Bank branch to apply for a Standard Bank home loan, through which the loan may be arranged in a reasonably short span of time. However, if you are rinterested in making a Standard Bank home loans application, you may follow any of the three options offered by the bank.

Anyone can apply for a Standard Bank home loan via the internet or via phone. This process may take a little longer, since you might be asked to refax documents if afurther information is required.

Apply at the nearest branch of Standard Bank in your place. This may be an easier option because you will interact and speak directly with a Standard Bank home loan consultant. You can simply hand in your application with your documentation in person and the consultant then fills out the application and attaches the documentation to it. From there, you will just have to follow up through calls.

Apply through a bond originator. This is, according to many consumers, the easiest option given that you have a reliable bond originator. The originator will come to your house or speak to you via phone and discusses everything. You will give him the needed Standard Bank home loans documentation and application and he will do the rest.