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Wachovia Bank

This is a introduction toWachovia Bank, the banks history and the services that is has to offer.

The Wachovia Bank was formed through the merger of First Union Corporation and Wachovia Corporation in 2001 and provides personal as well as corporate and investment banking related services and products to its customers around the world.

The respective and distinguished subsidiaries of the Wachovia Corporation which was founded as early as 1879 are:

  • Wachovia Bank
  • Wachovia Mortgage
  • Wachovia Securities LLC
  • Wachovia Capital Markets

The History Of Wachovia Bank

WB was established as the Wachovia National Bank in the year 1879 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Wachovia Bank Corporation firstly merged in the year 1911 with Wachovia Loan and Trust which originated in 1893.

In 1986, Wachovia Bank Corporation has absorbed First Atlanta, which was formed and assigned the name of Atlanta National Bank (ANB) in 1865. Being the oldest national bank in Atlanta, the name of this institution was later changed to First National Bank of Atlanta. As a result of this purchase, Wachovia became a company with two headquarters. One of its headquarters was in Atlanta while the other was in Winston-Salem.

In 1998, WBC assimilated 2 banks based in Virginia. These two banks that were overtaken by Wachovia Bank Corporation were Central Fidelity Bank and Jefferson National Bank.

In 2000, the latest purchase made by WBC facilitated the bank’s entry to Florida. Republic Security Bank was the Florida-based bank purchased by Wachovia Bank Corporation.

Currently, Wachovia Bank Corporation is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Wachovia Bank Corporation is ranked within the first five bank holding companies in the United States in terms of assets. In terms of client assets, the Wachovia Bank Corporation is the third largest U.S. stock brokerage company. The total amount of Stockholders’ Equity is close to $70 Billions.

Wachovia Bank Services

The Wachovia Bank offers a great range of financial services that in fact help the customers to plan and manage their wealth, including the following:

  • Estate planning
  • Trust services
  • Investment management,
  • Insurance
  • Financial planning
  • Charitable services
  • Banking and credit

The Wachovia Bank also has a Online banking service which offers the following services.

  • Check account balances and activity
  • Manage your accounts through Wachovia Mobile
  • View statements online
  • View images of paid checks
  • Transfer funds between eligible accounts
  • Get account balances that are automatically delivered
  • Pay bills online
  • Online Brokerage
  • Check your account balances, activity, and balances
  • Place and confirm trades
  • Obtain real-time quotes, news, research reports commentary, and analysis,
  • View all your online accounts in one place

As you can see Wachovia Bank offer an array of services to its customers and continues to expand. If you want to find out anything extra then please visit the Wachovia Banks official website.