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Best Credit Card For Airline Miles

Credit card offers are nothing new. Some card issuers offer you rewards in the form points that can be redeemed for this or that. The cards we are interested in for this discussion are those cards that offer airline miles as rewards. But which is the best credit card for airline miles? The following article discusses this question and provides some things to consider.

Credit card issuers may obtain new customers by offering promotional deals. Airline miles are one incentive that numerous credit card recipients enjoy, because they earn points toward free travel with every dollar that they spend. Credit card companies earn money every time that you swipe the card and from the interest and fees. Some credit card companies will even offer bonus points for new customers as a gift for applying for the credit card. Credit cards with airline rewards are some of the most popular.

Benefits of Receiving the Best AirMiles Credit Card Offers

One of the best credit cards for airmiles offers may reward consumers with two points for every dollar spent on travel or one point on all purchases. Each time consumers make a purchase on their card for dining, hotel, airline travel or any other purchases, points accumulate. This is an effortless way to earn free travel. Most consumers will earn at least on free airline ticket annually.

Additionally, some companies classify their members based upon the number of points they have accumulated. If consumers reach a certain level, they will receive other perks in addition to their airline miles. Some companies offer waived baggage check fees, priority seating, upgraded travel insurance or free upgrades. Each airline credit card offers different perks.

Examples of the Best Credit Card for Airline Miles Offers

Chase Sapphire. Chase Sapphire, one of the best airline credit card offers, rewards customers 50,000 bonus points after signing up for the card. To receive the points, consumers simply must spend $3,000 in the first three months. The offer is equivalent to $625 in travel. Chase also offers two points per dollar spent on travel and dining.

One point is provided for every dollar spent on other purchases. Consumers may also earn a 7% annual points dividend. The seven percent applies to points that have been redeemed as well. Customers may also transfer points earned to affiliate frequent traveler programs. In the first year, consumers will not be charged an annual fee. In the second year, a $95 annual fee will apply. One of the best features is that this card has no foreign transaction fees.

Chase’s Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Card. Continental Airlines offers a one of the best airline miles credit card offers. This particular offer helps clients earn up to 40,000 bonus miles in the first year. In one scenario, consumers are awarded 25,000 for the first purchase on the card and 10,000 bonus points for spending more than $25,000 annually on the card. In another scenario, the entire 40,000 may be awarded with the first purchase.

The annual fee is also waived for the first year and thereafter a $95 fee will be assessed. With this card, the first bag is checked for free on Continental and United flights. Consumers may also earn two points for every $1 spent on Airline tickets purchased through Continental and United. On all other purchases, they earn one mile for every $1.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card. As one of the best credit card for airline miles offers, 10,000 bonus miles are awarded for successfully obtaining the card. The points may be redeemed for airline tickets, car rentals and hotel rooms. Consumers earn 1.25 miles per $1 on each purchase. The airline points may be redeemed at any time with no blackout dates. Customers will also enjoy a 0% APR on purchases until August 2012. This card also charges no foreign transfer fees or annual fees for usage.

Citi American Airlines AAdvantage. Citi American Airlines AAdvantage, a best credit card for airline miles offer, offers customers the opportunity to earn 30,000 bonus miles after they make $750 in purchases within the first four months. Thirty thousand points is enough for a round trip domestic travel ticket. Customers also earn one mile for every $1 spent on purchases. For the first 12 months, the $50 annual fee is waived. Consumers may also take advantage of reduced Mileage Awards, which helps consumers travel to destinations for fewer miles.

Miles by Discover Card. For the first 12 months, consumers can earn 1000 additional miles per month as long as one purchase is made every month. By the end of the year, the customer will earn 12,000 bonus miles. Additionally, consumers will receive two miles for every dollar spent on the first $3,000 restaurant and travel purchases per year with this best airline miles credit card. On all other purchases consumers may earn one mile on every $1 spent.

The points may be redeemed for car rentals, hotels, airfare and cruises. The credits may also be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards or cash. Consumers may also receive travel benefits such as secondary collision damage insurance when a car is rented.

For the first six months, clients may receive 0% on purchases and balance transfers. Afterwards, the APR will increase to 10.99% to 16.99%, depending upon the customer’s credit history and score. Consumers also will not be required to pay an annual fee, a rewards redemption fee or an additional card fee.

More about the Best Airline Miles Credit Card Offers

Many online websites compare the best air miles credit card offers available. Customers can view the features side by side without having to review each card separately. Consumers will find these sites useful when deciding on the best credit card to apply for. Keep in mind that every application for a credit card is an inquiry on your report. Multiple inquiries lower your credit score. Therefore, it is best to decide the best card for your situation and apply only once to minimize the damage to your score.

Because it is tempting to accumulate points with what you consider to be the best credit card for airline miles, consumers may easily get into debt trying to earn points. The best strategy is to charge every item on your card and pay it off every month. This will not only build your credit, but it will also help you to avoid high interest rates that could negate your savings. Consumers that pay for the airline ticket in interest will negate the benefits of airline points. Make wise decisions with credit to avoid exorbitant interest rate fees.