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Best Credit Card Australia

In this article we will focus on the best credit card Australia. We have a few readers based down under who have asked about the best cards available to them in Oz so hopefully this article will be of some use to you if you live in Australia and you are looking for credit card deals.

There is no denying that the need for credit cards is very much evident to most people during these days. Here, you are not only incurring unsecured debts since you are no longer required to carry cash along with you. Relying on the use of credit cards play a gigantic role in the lives of many especially during holiday seasons where crime rates are on the rise.

Moreover, it will be easier to keep track of the daily expenditures than that of using cash. Here, your transactions will be recorded on your statement of account which will be sent to you every end of the month. When you do your shopping or withdrawal outside, you are also entitled for an official receipt for every transaction you make. Truly, credit cards are considered superb financial tools.

As of the present days, most banks offer credit cards with high interest rates and fees. This article will serve as your guide in getting to know the three credit card providers in Australia.

NAB Visa Credit Card

NAB offers 3 Smart Everyday Banking accounts.  Any of the 3 can also be used as the bank’s Visa credit card. Customers who belong to the Gold category may also get the additional benefit of making use of the credit cards at any Automated Tellering Machine locations all over the world with no incurring fees. However, you have to take note that the management of NAB can not prevent the ATM owners to incur minimal fee for every transaction made through their machines.

In addition to this, all NAB card users will not have to pay for ATM fees at all NAB owned machines. They will also receive the security of transaction monitoring feature. This will prevent fraudulent negotiations from being carried out.

Saint George Visa Credit Card

This one offers the customers ten free text messages per month. Saint George cards have a $7 worth of monthly fee after the first 6 months. It also offers the customers a minimum monthly balance requirement. Many of the banks today require the customers to maintain a minimum balance to avoid closure.

Saint George Visa credit card is offered to all qualified customers and can also be used in more than 2,700 ATM branches in Australia without additional fees for assessments.

ANZ Credit Card

ANZ credit card is a good choice for consumers who are looking for convenience. This is especially true when there is no need for credit checks that are mandatory which are often required by most banks.  Here, customers are given the privilege to do unlimited transactions via ANZ ATMs and over the counter. A monthly fee of $6 is only required by ANZ. ANZ also offer the customers the option to choose from any of the three card colors: pink, black, and blue.

Summary Of Australian Credit Card Offers

So we have detailed 3 of the well know credit card providers or options if you live in Australia. As always everyone will have specific requirements so ensure you use the card which suits your needs and lifestyle best.