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First Time Credit Card Application

Are you looking to do your First time Credit Card Application? Well if so we know if can become confusing. I have decided to create this article which will serve as a guide to those people who are trying to get their first credit card.

Where To Do A First time Credit Card Application

  • Go get a college card: If you are attending school, then this is then best route that I’d like to suggest to you. Generally, college cards do not have any kind of fees. College cards will allow you to get rewards too! You might picture these as regular cards but they are really designed for students’ use. The only downfall with these types of cards is that you are going to get lower credit limit here than the others.
  • Look for secured cards: As long as you are able to supply the deposit, you will be approved for a secured card. When you have supplied the deposit, the bank will then use it as collateral. If you do not pay your bills on the card, simply they will get your payment from the deposit and they have their money. Here, you can build your credit score while the bank feels secured because they can always have their money.
  • Department store cards: Kohl’s, Sears, and many others have their own line of cards. These companies are not strict with applications as I have heard that there are lots of first time applicants have been ‘immediately approved. Well, just remember that you are only allowed to use the card on that particular store. So you must have to get one where you want to spend more.

Things To Do Before Applying The First Time For A Credit Card

It is important to ensure you have a good credit history before you apply for your first credit card. The types of cards we have listed above are really good things to apply for and use before doing a proper credit card application if you feel or know your credit history may not be so good.

By using these cards you can build up a positive history on your credit report which will work to your favor when applying for a credit card.

What To Look For in Your First Credit Card Application

When you are looking for your card for your first time use, you have to look for the following:

  • Rewards: Earn points for every dollar you spend. Exchange them for gift cards.
  • No fees: secured card routes usually have fees. Always look for the kind of fee they charge you.
  • Reviews: If in case that you have found a specific card that you like, be sure to look at the reviews. Here, you will learn what other people are saying about the card. If you have a good vibe, then, go for it!

So when doing your first time credit card application make sure you follow some of the advice and tips laid out above. These steps will ensure your success to an accepted application.