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Apple Federal Credit Union

Although this page is dedicated to giving an overview of Apple Federal Credit Union, it is also designed to provide a little information about credit unions in general. For further detailed and more up to date information about Apple Federal Credit Union, please visit the Apple Federal site directly.

Apple Federal Credit Union is one of a great number of credit unions that can be found in any corner of the different states of America. Since then number of credit unions has grown significantly, looking for the most suitable one one can be a bit confusing. Consequently, there are particular things that one needs to know when thinking of becoming a member of a specific credit union.

Why Consider Apple Federal Credit Union… Or Any Credit Union for That Matter?

One should know that all of the credit unions that  share one thing in common: every credit union is member-owned. Every member of a credit union becomes a co-owner of that particular credit union where he has get into. This is as true of Apple Federal as with any other credit union.

Being an Apple Federal Credit Union member entitles you to avail of the many benefits it offers. Aside from these benefits, you will also be entitled to the services and products Apple Federal offers. These member benefits will remain until you stop being a member. To remain a member, you must have a constant deposit at Apple Federal, which allows you to have constant benefits too.

About Apple Federal CU

Apple Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Washington D.C. Metro Areas. It is actually one of the most well-known and moat reliable institutions in the financial industry. Aside from the qualities mentioned above, Apple Federal Credit Union is also a non-profit cooperative like all other credit unions.

Apple Federal Credit Union Membership

Apple Federal Credit Union in Fairfax, VA alone has a total of 94,972 members and a total asset of $1.1 billion. The Apple Federal CU has opened in the year 1956. During this time, the Apple Federal had 22 part time employees and 198 full time employees.

Presently, Apple Federal CU is classified as a multiple common bond and is primarily an educational credit union.

Apple Federal Credit Union Services

Apple Federal CU features online banking, meaning that you can do your credit union related transactions in the comfort of your home. Apple Federal’s online service allows you to check your accounts by phone, have ATM access as well as kiosk access.

Apple Federal Credit Union electronic services enable you to check balances, apply for a loan,  see your account history, carry out account transfers, make bill payments, make online loan payments and open new accounts.