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Cabrillo Credit Union

Cabrillo Credit Union (a CU based in the USA) has been poviding financial services to its members since 1955. This article seeks to provide an overview of Cabrillo Credit Union and offer a summary of the services it offers to its members.

Introduction To Cabrillo Credit Union

Currently, there are over 21,000 members who trust Cabrillo Credit Union to provide a secure and safe place to deposit their money.

Through Cabrillo, members are are also able to get prferential rates on their home and auto loans as well as credit cards.

Cabrillo Credit Union is a member-owned,  non-profit financial institution that is federally insured. Its headquarters are in San Diego, California, where most of its branches have flourished. Cabrillo Credit Union operates with around 60 employees.

Cabrillo Credit Union Services

Here are some of the products and services offered by Cabrillo Credit Union:

  • Free Holiday Skip Program – This is an annual program which enables members to take a payment holiday each year.
  • Cabrillo Credit Card –  The Cabrillo Credit Card offers perks for members particularly for those who frequently travel. Cabrillo Credit Cards offers no balance transfer fees, no fee on ATM access for cash for cash advance, no cash advance fee and no overlimit fee. The Cabrillo Credit Card also provides a fixed rate, make cash advances possible via eBranch and give 90-day product protection.
  • Transfer your money through eBranch

Cabrillo Other Institution Transfer

Do you want to have an access to the money that you have at other financial institutions but you do not have the time to write checks and deposit them? Are you already tired of paying fees for wire money to another financial institution? The Cabrillo Other Institution Transfer does this for you. This is a service that may be available to you through eBranch, which allows you to safely and quickly send or receive money from other financial institutions anytime of the week.

If you have any further questions, contact Cabrillo Credit Union directly.