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Fairwinds Credit Union

The Fairwinds Credit Union is a US based cooperative organization offering specific financial services to its members. What follows is an introduction to Fairwinds Credit Union and the services it offers.

About Fairwinds Credit Union

In the present era, there are lots of credit unions that scattered everywhere globally. Credit unions are often designated in a particular state or region. Consequently, there is a good chance that every citizen can be a member of a credit union and avail of the great services it offers.

Fairwinds Credit Union is a financial organization that is solely owned by the members themselves. To become a member of Fairwinds, you have to open a savings account. Once you have opened an account, you automatically become a member of Fairwinds. And once you are a member, you are encouraged to make a regular deposit no matter how big or small the sum may be. What really matter most in this is that you get into the habit of saving money. With such regards, you will learn the value of managing your finances.

Once you have become a Fairwinds CU member, you are given many benefits like being qualified to avail certain loans with low interest rates. Since Fairwinds Credit Union is a non-profit organization, the gains it accrues are distributed respectively to each and every member in the form of dividends.

Another benefit of becoming a Fairwinds member is the right to elect and to be elected as one of its officials. This election in Fairwinds is usually conducted annually.

Fairwinds Credit Union is one of the most significant credit unions in the state of Florida having its headquarters in the area of Orlando. It is a notable banking industry in the Florida state. Fairwinds was founded in the year 1949 and now currently employs 525 employees.

Fairwinds Credit Union is classified as a state chartered and natural person credit union.

Fairwinds And Technology

Regarding automations, Fairwinds offers online access to every account, allows you to see phone access for checking your account and provides automated tellering machines (ATM) to access the money in your account(s).

Further Fairwinds Credit Union services can also be accessed electronically. These electronic services provide access to loan applications, membership applications, share draft orders, loan payments, account history, transfers and bill payments online. The Merit Credit Engine is one of the features of Fairwinds which provides credit reports via automated internet.

Presently, Fairwinds Credit Union has 137,100 members and $1.6 billion total assets.