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SIU Credit Union

The following page has been written about SIU Credit Union to outline some of the history, financial products and key facts about this financial cooperative. However, before discussing SIU Credit Union the article will provide a general guide to credit union organizations.

Credit Unions are one of the many financial institutions attracting interest these days: in fact, if you search the internet you will get a picture of the number of credit union companies that exist.

About SIU Credit Union

Most credit unions have their own way of persuading the people to become a member of their organization but there is one particular thing that makes all credit unions (including SIU Credit Union) similar to one another. All credit unions are non-profitable financial institutions, since their earnings are returned back to members in the form of a dividend payment. Consequently, the SIU Credit Union credit union is owned by its members.

Looking for a credit union these days can be a bit confusing, since some of them only permit certain professions as members. However, for the purposes of this article we will now focus on the SIU Credit Union.

SIU Credit Union lives by its vision to be the primary provider of financial services. SIU also aims to build a lifetime partnership with all its current and future members.

The SIU Credit Union Vision

The vision of the SIU Credit Union entails one of the general rules of a credit union: once a person becomes a SIU member, he will be a member of the credit union for the rest of his life. This means the member is entitled to every benefit the SIU CU has to offer now and in the future.

Like most credit unions, SIU Credit Union strives to help the community by donating to a number of charities and organizations. SIU believes that by doing so, it extends its business in helping people. N.B. With the great influx of requests for donations and sponsorships everyday, the SIU Credit Union will likely find it difficult to answer all requests. So, if you wish to avail such services provided by SIU, you need to ensure that you have thoroughly completed any application form before submitting it.

SIU Credit Union Services

SIU Credit Union also offers the same financial services and products as all other credit Unions. Examples of some of SIU Credit Union products are auto loans, home equity loans, IRA certificates and credit cards. You may want to check these offers and other services provided by the SIU Credit Union or contact SIU directly if you have any further inquiries about them.