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Southern Federal Credit Union

Southern Federal Credit Union serves over 200 employer groups, providing provided branches that offer full CU services in Jonesboro, Newnan, Peach Tree City, Fayetteville, and Griffin, Georgia. This page discusses Southern Federal Credit Union and lists details of the history and services it provides.

History Of Southern Federal Credit Union

Southern Federal Credit Union was originally known as FAA Southern Federal Financial Article Credit Union, which was conceived and chartered in the year 1963. Southern Federal Credit Union was chartered by a small group of employees of the Federal Aviation Administration who were employed in the FAA’s southern regions. It was located at the FAA Regional Office in East Point, Georgia, and served only the workers and employees of the FAA southern areas and their immediate families.

Southern Federal Credit Union Membership

Until 1985, the operation center of Southern Federal Credit Union only provided services to its members and their immediate families. In 1985 the Board of Directors of the Southern Federal Credit Union approved the association of Chik-fil-A into the credit union’s charter. This established a precedent that has allowed the credit union to grow and to provide services to over 200 employer groups. Southern Federal Credit Union is presently poised to serve different companies and associations like Cooper Lighting, Garner-Denver, City of Griffin and Spalding Country employees, National Weather Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons in the Southern Region and Springs Industries.

Southern Federal CU Location

In 1986, Southern Federal Credit Union was relocated to Morrow, Georgia from the FAA Regional Office in College Park. In 1992, Southern Federal was again relocated to Fayetteville, Georgia where its present headquarters is found.

Southern Federal As A Credit Union

The Southern Federal Credit Union, like any other credit union, is a non-profit financial cooperative. Profits are actually returned to the members in the form of dividend rates, which apply on savings, lower loan rates, and lower, less or in some cases no, fees on some products and services. Southern Federal CU is owned by its members and is governed by member-elected Board of Directors.

Southern Federal Services

The Southern Federal Credit Union has proven is a provider of many low-cost services to its members. The pricing structure of the credit union is competitive especially when compared with the products and services offered by other for-profit financial institutions. Southern Federal Credit Union products and services include the following:

  • Several types of deposit accounts
  • A full complement of consumer loans
  • A range of mortgages
  • Numerous loan products
  • ATM and Internet banking.

Aside from the services mentioned above, each Southern Federal branch offers all the amenities expected from a full service credit institution.

Southern Federal Credit Union strives to provide unparalleled services to its members.