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Velocity Credit Union

Velocity Credit Union is one of the largest and the strongest financial institution in the state of Texas.This page discusses Velocity Credit Union and provides an introduction to Velocity’s services.

About Velocity Credit Union

Velocity Credit Union has over 464 million dollars in terms of assets, has over 75, 000 members and has 280 sponsor groups, which include associations, communities and employers.

Velocity Credit Union has always remained committed to the long-established ideal ways of the Credit Union Movement: i.e. cooperation, self-help, and more. Consequently, Velocity CU offers all the accounts and services you will find in any bank but and helps to save hundreds of dollars year for its members.

Velocity CU HQ

Velocity Credit Union has its base location in Austin, Texas and is one of the most significant financial organizations in the state. As a credit union, Velocity is a non-profit financial institution and is currently operated by over 200 employees. Velocity was founded in 1947.

Velocity Credit Union Services

There are many products and services offered by the Velocity Credit Union. This article has included some of the best products and services offered by this financial institution.

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Velocity Credit Union offers convenience with their products and services. Internet banking facilities are available for ou to manage your account(s) at home. Velocity is also developing mobile banking to further enable convenience. Velocity Credit Union can also of course be reached by phone or email and can of course be visited directly at any local Velocity branch.

Velocity CU offers its members free checking with no minimum balance required, free debit card, and free online banking. For younger people, membership in the Kirby Kangaroo Club offers young savers new savings options. For one to avail of this, one has to be 12 years old or younger.

Other Velocity Credit Union offers for adults include share certificates, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and many more.