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Vista Federal Credit Union

This article discusses Vista Federal Credit Union. Update: Vista Federal Credit Union is now merged with the Partners Federal Credit Union.

Vista Federal Credit Union History

Vista Federal Credit Union was organized in the year 1968 at the request of a group of Disneyland Park casts and members. It was then named DRC Federal Credit Union. DRC is actually an acronym for Disneyland Recreational Club which was then as a precursor to Disneyland Resort’s current Cast Activities department.

DRC’s offices moved many times before relocating off Disneyland’s traditional premises. The DRC building that was used initially was a double-wide temporary building externally embellished and decorated with contemporary studio look with wood exteriors and planter boxes. This was then located in the center of backstage area, east of Main Street USA.

Sometime before the end of the year 1977, the office was .moved to the area just inside the tall chain link fence on Harbor Blvd and a bit north of the former employee entry also known to the Disney employees as the Harbor House.

Vista Federal CU Mergers

In 1970, the DRC Credit Union changed its name to Disneyland Employees Federal Credit Union. In 1980, at the request of CEO Michael Eisner, the credit union was then requested to stop the use of Disneyland to their name. As a result, it’s name was changed once again to Partners Federal Credit Union.

In November 2007, Partners merged with Vista Federal Credit Union. Vista FCU which was originally established in 1960 prior to Partners also served Walt Disney Company cast and members and employees. The services were primarily served at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California and at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Originally, membership in Partners FCU was limited to only Walt Disney Company employees who worked in Orange County, California. When the Walt Disney Company took over the management of RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach in 1988, employees working for that particular attraction were added to the field of membership. By the year 2001, the field membership of the Partners FCU was integrated to cover any employee or cast members working for the Walt Disney Company in the United State of America.

When Vista and Partners merged together, they created a particular distinction between themselves and other local organizations in the area of financial services. The full merging between the two companies completed in 2007.

Partners Federal Credit Union Products And Services

Vista Federal Credit Union products and services include savings accounts, checking accounts, consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages, and online banking. It has a total asset of more than $950 million US Dollars.