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CCJ Removal

CCJ removal is a subject of concern to many people who have such a judgement made against them. CCJs can have a significant negative impact on an individual’s UK credit rating. As a result it is natuarl to investigate if CCJ removal is possible.

Why Is CCJ Removal Important?

When a UK borrower is no longer able to pay creditors, a civil case can be brought to the County Court (England and Wales) or the Sheriff Court (Scotland). The court can make a particular judgment (in Scotland, this is known as a decree) against the debtor that will remain in force until such time that the entire debt is paid.

Although a person having or having had a CCJ will have an adverse credit history, the CCJ record will not definitely rule out the ability of a that person to get credit, although the information about the CCJ will then be forwarded to the credit reference agencies by the Central Registry. When lenders run credit chaks against a person they may be viewed as someone who is, or has been, unable to manage their personal finances. For this reason, the benefits of CCJ removal are obvious.

CCJ Removal Strategies

Debts can be paid in full to a specific creditor however, the CCJ will remain on file. A CCJ removal can be effected but in order to do so a County Court will have to reverse the CCJ and remove the CCJ record entry from the County Court Judgments Registry. The requirement for processing the removal of a CCJ is a formal letter that includes the name of the plaintiff, the name of the creditor, the case number, the original summons and the name of the Court. You will also need to show a copy of your current credit file from Experian or Equifax, information about the CCJ issued against you (again acquired from your credit report) and the details the County Court has about you and your CCJ.

CCJ Removal For Incorrect Judgements

If you are incorrectly or unfairly issued with a CCJ, a form known as N244 may be requested from the County Court. This form is filled out for the  removal of an unfair CCJ issued to you. This form must be completely filled explaining the details of the CCJ and why there is a need to set aside the judgment, which effectively begins the CCJ removal process.