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Credit Report

This page provides information about credit reports. It also provides links to people interested in finding out about credit report information.

What Is A Credit Report?

A credit report is a record of a person’s history with regards to credit, specifically around borrowing and payment. Credit reports also include such information as poor payment handling and severe financial problems such as bankruptcy or CCJs (in the UK).

A credit report is usually looked at whenever someone applies for credit (loans, credit cards, mortgages etc.), whereby the lender tries to understand how much of a risk the borrower might be in terms of whether or not the borrower will repay the credit. When someone solicits a credit report they do so via credit bureaus, who have access to the people’s financial and credit histories.

The credit buruea will return a credit report (or credit score) that lenders will use to assess the credit applicant’s creditworthiness, and subsequently whether or not they will be extended credit.