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Beneficial Finance

Beneficial Finance is a member of the prestigious HSBC Group, which is one of largest financial organizations in the world. Beneficial Finance is based in the United Kingdom and provides many types of credit facilities and insurance products to individuals and helps them to find financial solutions.

Being a part of HSBC group, Beneficial Finance has been able to grow its brand. Beneficial’s services are provided on the basis of high principles and values with businesse conducted with sensitivity and responsibility to gain long-term success. HFC merged with BFC in 1998 and after 5 years, they both become part of the HSBC Group.

Beneficial Finance Loans Process

The Beneficial Finance loan application process is quite simple and evolved. Beneficial’s epresentatives address the different issues of customers and try to understand their exact loan requirements. The Beneficial loan procedure is started by filling in a loan request form, which is lodged on a no obligation basis. After finishing the Beneficial Finance loan application, the applicant may be contacted via telephone for discussions on various issues and to gather further essential information.

All details of the Beneficial loan such as interest rates fees, discounts, and many others should be provided to the borrower so that an informed decision can be made.

Beneficial Finance Loan Types

The different types of loans offered by BFC include Beneficial personal loans, auto refinance loans and home loans. Apart from regular loan products, there are many other offers that Beneficial Finance provides.

Beneficial’s personal loans are for amounts from £1,000 to £15,000. The loan amount borrowed can be used for any purpose like home renovation, buying a new car and consolidation of debts among others. Personal loans are given up to a period of 7 years.

Another significant type of loan provided by Beneficial is the Flexible Loan. This loan offers instant access to the money and an individual can also make additional repayments against the loan. The loan amount given in this loan is minimum of £500 pound and a maximum of £5,000. The Beneficial Flexible Loan also comes together with a Master Card and thus, money can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The term ‘flexible’ is used because loan amount can be availed as a big lump sum or via small transactions.

Beneficial Finance’s homeowner loan enables an individual to borrow from £5,000 to £75,000 for the larger expenses in life. The homeowner loan is usually delivered in the form of a cash back loan and is provided with competitive interest rates. After every 5 years of repayment, a person gets 25 percent of the interest paid back as cash. The repayment period for this loan is from 5 to 20 years with the loan amount usually secured against the value of the home.

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