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Sundaram Mutual Fund

Sundaram Mutual Fund is considered as one of the most significant investment companies in India. Sundaram Mutual Fund make investments in potential companies that are properly researched and has also set up a committee on internal affairs that monitors and checks everyday activities and periodical performance.

Sundaram Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plans

Sundaram Mutual Fund launched SIP, also known as Systematic Investment Plans for the advantage and benefits of retail investors. The Sundaram Mutual Fund SIP has generated good returns for investors when compared to other schemes. This is due to the fact that units purchased as a part of the SIP come at a cheaper cost.

Sundaram Mutual Fund Payments

Payments can be made in any of the following methods: SIP Auto Debit or Post Dated Cheques.

You have the option to issue post dated checks as a form of your monthly payment to the Sundaram Mutual Fund while you can also make payments simply using the SIP auto debit facility. Before you can avail this facility, you have to sign a bank authorization form. Once you have submitted the form, the bank will then send your monthly payments to the Sundaram Mutual Fund.

Sundaram Mutual Fund’s SIP has generated returns of around thirty five per cent since it was started: SIP is one of the most successful schemes that were launched by Sundaram.

Here are some of Sundaram Mutual Fund SIP USPs:

  • You are given the opportunity to make monthly payments to the Sundaram Mutual Fund to reduce the burden of making single payments done in a single time.
  • As you invest each month, you will be able to buy units at different costs. This will potentially help every Sundaram Mutual Fund investor earn better returns.
  • The minimum investment amount into the Sundaram Mutual Fund is low to attract low income workers.

For more information about Sundaram Mutual Fund visit the official website here: Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund