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Insurance is a type of financial scheme whereby people buy a “policy”, which entitles you to some form of financial reimbursement in the event that some damage befalls the items covered under the insurance policy. Insurance policies are designed specifically to protect you or your property and possessions and so you can find insurance plans for among other things:

  • Your property and the contents within it – home insurance
  • Your wellbeing – health insurance, life insurance and dental insurance
  • Your car – car insurance / auto insurance
  • Your business – liability insurance

When you sign up to an insurance policy you do so via means of a financial payment to an insurance provider. If you are lucky enough to never suffer an experience whereby you need not invoke your insurance, you will never receive any financial payment from the insurance provider – your payment remains in the “pool” with all the other premiums paid out by all other policy holders.

The following pages  provide further information about insurance and insurance -related products.