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Life Insurance Companies In Canada

This article offers an introduction to some of the life insurance companies in Canada.

ACA Assurance – this is also known as the Assosacion Canado-Americaine. It is the only Franco-American fraternal benefit society. ACA Assurance offers a variety of beneficial product s to its members. Usually, the members of ACA Assurance are dwellers of the North American continent. Most of these are best found in Ontario, New Brunswick, Louisiana, Quebec, and New England. These are the places and regions wherein the ACA Assurance is licensed to operate. Some of its products are whole and term life insurance, accidental, dismemberment, travel insurance and more.

Assumption Life – this insurance company has been one of the undisputed insurance companies in Canada (Atlantic side). Currently, Assumption Life has more than 75,000 policies that stay in force. It was also ranked as the 33rd out of Atlantic Canada’s Top 101 companies. It offers a very wide range of products that include the following: mortgage loans, annuities and segregate funds, financial services, travel instance, critical illness, group insurance, individual life insurance, and many others. One of Assumption Life’s specialties is the Golden Protection life insurance which is designed for individuals who are from forty to eighty years old.

AXA Financial Protection – this insurance company has a great international reputation with a network of 4,000 brokers and advisers from one coast to another. In fact, the operation of this insurance company has been made possible with the help of 2,250 well-trained and well-qualified employees. These employees can help every individual to seek, for the right insurance products. The versatility of AXA financial Protection s extended to give individuals home protections particularly those who live in a single home or con dominium. If the individual is fifty years old o r beyond, there is an additional protection AXA’s Protection +50 package.

BMO Life Assurance Company (formerly AIG Life Insurance) – recently, this company has just completed the acquisition of AIG Life Insurance Co. of Canada, also known as the AIG Life of Canada. Soon, the name was changed into BMO Life Assurance Company; in addition it also adapted the BMO Insurance brands for all of its broker, customer, and marketing communications. As of now, BMO operates within BMO’s wealth management decision known as the Private Client Group.

Canada Life – this is a subsidiary of The Great West life Assurance Company. This insurance company offers many investments and insurance products which are ideal for both groups and individuals.  It also offers universal life protection and term life insurance. Canada Life is also a leading provider of health insurance solutions including disability insurance and critical illness solution. In addition to this, Canada Life is also the major provider of credit insurances where individuals can insure their mortgages and loans.

If you are considering taking out a policy with life insurance companies in Canada you may have already come across one of the major brands above. As with any life insurance plan, make sure you understand fully the terms & conditions of your Canadian life insurance companies’ agreement before you legally enter into it.