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Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Sainsburys Pet Insurance has many treats for you and your pet. Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance cover is now even more attractive for new customers.  When you take out Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, they will give you double Nectar points for two years on your Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel if you choose £7,500 veterinary fees cover, provided that you do not cancel your policy.

Why Choose Sainsburys Pet Insurance

Here are some reasons to consider getting your pet insured through a sainsburys policy, please note these may change over time and should always be checked at the official sainsburys pet insurance pages.

  • Three months free when you purchase a policy online (normally applies in promotional periods)
  • In year 1 of your policy, months 10, 11 and 12 will be free of payment
  • Up to £7,500 in veterinary fees cover for every condition
  • 5% discount for your second pet

Your pet will thank you for taking care of them and getting them a Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance – and they want to thank you with this great offer.

Points Add Up With Sainsburys Pet Insurance

For customers who spend money every week in Sainsbury’s they get reward points on shopping for the family by swiping their Nectar card every time they shop.  By taking out Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, they can double their earned points every week.  That means they can earn enough points to get a week’s free shopping for once a year.  Now that’s rewarding!

Sainsburys Pet Insurance Cover Options

You can also choose the right cover for your pet. Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance offers two choices of cover to suit your pet – and of course, fit your budget.

  • Option 1: Cover for up to £3,000 for every condition for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Option 2: Cover for up to £7,500 for every condition without time limit providing premiums are paid and up to date.

Applying For A Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance

When you want to get an instant Sainsburys Pet Insurance quote just complete a few details, including the following:

  • Your pet’s date of birth – Sainsburys can only cover pets over eight weeks old
  • Your pet’s gender and breed
  • Your postal code

Overview Of Pet Insurance From Sainsburys

Now, if you are looking for a particular pet insurance company, you may want to get a quote and get your pet insured at Sainsburys Per Insurance. With the great offers and quality products and services, you will definitely get what you and your pet truly needs.