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Federated Mutual Funds

The Federated Investors has been giving services in the financial community since 1955 and serves the investors in the US and all over the world. As a matter of fact, the Federated Mutual Funds is included in the top ten best mutual fund families with a total asset of around $333 billion. The Federated Mutual Funds offers its investors close to 150 local and international equity, money market funds, and fixed income.

Federated Mutual Funds Customer Support

Federated Mutual Funds supports their customers through a network of 5,400 financial institutions and intermediaries. This also includes 150 teams of investment professionals. The Federated Funds also provides customized management services to its customers especially those who belong to the high net worth category. Some of the well-rounded solution offers of Federated are Roth and Traditional IRAs, Bundled Retirement Plans, and 401k plans.

Top Rated Federated Mutual Funds

Federated Funds are wide and varied an offer a good rate of return on your investment. Here is a list of some of its top rated mutual funds at present:

  • Federated InterContinental A (RIMAX) – this has a total asset of more than $1, 000 million. It specializes in consumer goods and industrial materials. The minimum investment here is $1, 500 and the latest average return during the last 5 years is 13.48%.
  • Federated Capital Income A (CAPAX) – this has a total asset of more than $453 million. This is concentrated in the manufacturing and servicing sector of the economy. This is a front load company which carries 5.50% and with an expense ratio of 1.29% and that the minimum investment for this type of fund should not be lower than $1,500. During the past five years, the average return for this fund is 6.60%.
  • Federated US Government (FIGTX) – this has a total of $810 million and specializes in high quality gov’t mortgage funds. This is a no-load fund with a minimum investment of $25,000. The average return is 4.26% during the last five years.

Summary Of Mutual Funds By Federated

The minimum investment of a Federated customer is $1500 although there are some institutional funds that require the investors to have a minimum investment of $100,000. Federated Mutual Funds offers a combination of load funds and non-load mutual funds. As of August 2008, the average return on Federated was 6.67%.

T he Federated Mutual Funds offers its customers a good mix of government fund bonds, a conservative security portfolio, and mortgage funds. Two out of three funds carry a front load of 5.50% which means that the investor’s money work right away.