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Smith Barney Mutual Funds

Smith Barney Mutual Funds is dedicated to provide each and every of its customers the secured financial future. Smith Barney Mutual Funds believes that mutual funds are essential ingredients in forming a strong foundation of secured financial future. This article will deal about the different descriptions and mutual fund choices and fund services offered by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Mutual Funds.

Smith Barney Mutual Funds Current Setup

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is a joint venture between the Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. In 2009 the Citigroup sold a majority share of Smith Barney – 51% to Morgan Stanley. Before this Smith Barney was a division of Citi Global Wealth Management.

The brokerage house now as a combined force which manages $1.5 trillion in client assets and has over 18,000 brokers . Clients range from small individual investors to large corporations and non-profit organizations.

Choosing Smith Barney Mutual Funds

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of choices when it comes to mutual funds. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is considered as one of the biggest mutual funds distributors  today. When you see these things, you might probably get surprised of the vast choices that can be offered to you by Smith Barney Mutual Funds.

If in case that you are overwhelmed by the great number of mutual funds that are offered, the service offered by the Smith Barney Mutual Funds may help you. Through TRAK, you can have advice regarding select a no-load or load-waived funds. Here, you need to pay a participating annual fee which is 2.0%. You also need to understand that the retirement fees or accounts may differ. With the use of this, your mutual fund holdings will be consolidated into one monthly statement, thus managing your finances becomes even more simplified.

Investing In A Smith Barney Mutual Fund

So, if you are looking for a Smith Barney Mutual Fund wherein you want your money to be invested, simply get a quote and start investing your money with them. However, before doing so, it is always advisable to do your own shopping so that you may get the best mutual fund. The Smith Barney Mutual Funds is basically one of the best when it comes to such types of investments.

Smith Barney Mutual Funds has Mutual Fund Evaluation Services and Mutual Funds Monitor. These two are services which handle your funds from the very first time you have owned them until to the present days. So once you have these types of services from Smith Barney, you can simply say that your funds are ensured and will help you build a secured financial standing.

Here is one special note form TRAK: The TRAK is a personalized service which is also called as Personalized Advisory Service is only available to all US people and entities. You may read in this article investment advices or any form of recommendations but choosing for the right ones will solely depend on one’s personal preferences. Furthermore, this is not also a solicitation. This article does not provide investment advisory services to buy or to sell any form of security to or from any US persons or entities.